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Drop a 3.1 or bigger into a 88 Z

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I love my car but i wish it was just a little bit newer for a couple reasons, the newer ones (my buddy has a 90 Z24) have a folding back seat, and because it just pains me that i dont have a 3.1, instead of looking for a whole new car coul you just swap engines, or would it just be cheaper to get a whole new car???
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You can swap all kinds of engines in a Cavalier...New 2.8/3.1, 3100, 3400, Even a 3800 Supercharged...even though this isnt really all that cheap it can be done...the other engines are doable specially if you have the knowledge about that kind of thing.
I saw a 94 cavalier around me that i want. Its $3500 with a 3.1 liter, not a z24 though. But it has electric windows and locks and fold down back seat and only 40,000 miles on it. I dunno if thats a good deal or not though. I think its a little high.
or you could keep your car. put in the fold down rear seat, add the power windows and swap out engines, this way it is still your car.
2.8, 3.1? who cares, there really isnt much of a difference to concern yourself with it.

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