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figured some people might want to see this.

530 whp and 437 wtq. I was reving it out to 6500 here and it was still climbing. I am on stock rod bolts so I decided to call it a day right there. People were trying to convince me to go to 7k rpm. If I was naturally aspirated I definitely would have, but at this power level and rpm I didn't trust the stock rod bolts.

Boost was hitting about 16.5 peak, and trailed off to 16 at 6500. The more I reved it, the more hp it wanted to make. I don't know where it would peak, but I am thinking between 6500 and 7k somewhere. If it was still climbing at 7k I would be shocked. If it did, it could be close to
570 whp. Crazy really.

Loose guestimation but using standard fwd of 12ish percent drivetrain loss that puts it at just under 600 crank hp, or nearly triple the factory crank rating.

This is all on a stock bottom end as well. No intercooler was hooked up, and I am running e85. it tested at e80 at dyno time. Timing was at about 10 degrees base timing. I started at 4 degrees base. I picked up about 20 hp by advancing the timing and around 30 tq or so.

I did NOT use nitrous, so there is still a bit left on the table.

I did couple runs in third gear as the clutch slipped a bit. Highest numbers in third gear was 445 whp and unsure what the tq was.

4th gear pull to 6500 yielded the highest number shown.


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