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eclipse wheels?

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i bought a set of 2000 eclipse wheels off of a kid i know and i was wondering will they fit my cavi? j/w if not i can sell them to someone with an eclipse

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What's the bolt pattern? If it's 5x100, then you're good to go, if not, you'll want to start looking into selling those off.
you might as well sell them. The 2000 eclipse uses a 5x4.5" bolt pattern as our cars have the 5x100. You could sel them to someone with a mustang... or a ranger/explorer... lol... if they want the mitz emblem on there.. ha ha ha
well now that i looked at them that is what i thought so i am going to try and sell them to someone!! i got the cheap and i mean cheap so i am willing to sell them for a good price not to much and not to little!! its was worth a shot
exactly how much, i have a freind with a ranger looking for rims on a tight budget,if you can get me a price and maybe a pic ill see what i an do for ya.
well they are perfect all i have to do is clean them up i would take about 150 plus shipping of course if thats to much let me know i will see what i can do!!! let me know

correct about everything thus far, but as for the mitsu symbom you can easily pop out that center cap and replace it with a blank or with one of the company of the car you drive.
no they are off of a 2000 so they are the 10 spoke aluminum. 16" if you want them i will find out the shipping on them and i will sell them for 150 plus the cost of shipping. LET ME KNOW!!!
let me find a pic and show it to my freind,there is a very good chance he will be interested.
cool man just e-mail me and let m know alright it is [email protected] thanks alot

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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