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EGR from 2.8 fit 3.1

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will a EGR and TPS from a 2.8 fit my 3.1?
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the egr on the 2.8 is vaccuum while the egr on the 3.1 is digital, it would fit but you would have to convert the system. the tps should be the same.
How can you convert the wires ?! I check out the 2.8 wiring and 3.1, i try to plug the different wires for the 2.8 at the same place that show in the diagram but it doesn't work anymore !! plz help :(
the wiring is deifferant, youll need to pull the wiring from a 3.1 you might also need the compuet too. not too sure.
yes, i'm almost positive you'd need a 2.8 computer for the analog/vacuum operated EGR, and a 3.1 computer for the digital EGR
You would need the egr adapter/pipe. The eprom for the computer, also the connector as it is different and you would need to do some rewiring- change a few pinouts on the ecm side and redo a few wires in the engine bay as the egr wiring is tied into a couple of sensors. Basically get the good diagrams (helm/mitchel-shop manual) and the valve and the pipe/adapter, and connector with leads.
doesnt really sound like its worth all the trouble to me :-?
so the TPS from the 2.8 put on my 3.1 will work the same?
should be the same yes
TPS is the same.
If you have replaced it 4 times then I would think its not the EGR.
Come on!!...i know what is egr valve. You have a vaccum on your 87, that doest break!

History about "the piece of shit"
1- the gasket ON the egr valve was leaking, impossible to change

2- the base was cracked(not at the installation but when the mother*** unstall it at junkward), another leak!
3- No more power on(check engine and tested)... :roll:
4- base was cracked once again !!

Now i'm very tired !! All of those are used at junkyard, for a new one its 500 CND box ! :eek:

PS: GM wiring harness is the most complicated wiring i never seen !!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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