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Electrical problem!

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On my way home from the movies tonight, the check gauges light came on and I noticed that the voltage display was flashing and at about 1/4 instead of the usual 1/2. So I turned off my CD player, AC, and neons but it did not change the reading. My headlights seemed a little dim too. Help?
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Low voltage *usually* means that your alternator is about to kick. Check all your conections to make sure nothing came lose. Sometimes the alternator takes the battery with it so don't be surprised if both are bad. Another thing to check would be the condition of your belt and the belt tensioner. If the belt is slipping or broken you won't be getting any charge from the alternator. Its really really easy to replace the alternator, I'm sure you could get one from a salvage yard if you didn't want to buy a new or rebuilt one.
Check the alternator with the car at idle with a multimeter. If the alternator is putting out over 14 volts.... you will be fine.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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