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Engine Hoist/Stand

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More of a question really but if anyone is looking to get rid of a hoist/stand let me know...

Preferably looking for a hoist that will disassemble/fold to save space when i'm not using it. Perhaps someone could suggest a store to get one (hoist) at..? Canadian Tire sells engine stands..
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I've got a brand new 2 ton hoist and an engine stand...

email me if you're interested at [email protected]
princess auto has them go on sale all the time. If you're not in a rush, I would suggest checking their flyer every once in a while to see if it's on sale. I bought my engine stand for 33$. My engine hoist was 150$ or so (that was a long time ago).


Yeah that place is great, lots of good deals there. I should of bought an engine hoist a long time ago, it would paid off by now instead of always borrowing one for engine jobs and crap. You might be better off buying one, you could always rent it out and have it pay for itself :D
hehe yeah I was thinking about just renting one.. but then I looked around and realized they really aren't that expensive.. I mean if you pull your engine for a week and pay $100 to rent one, you could buy a nice one that can fold up for a little bit more..

And yeah, good point about renting it out to friends.. lol =)

I think I will check out princess auto.. I think the closest one would be Dixie/Courtney Park, thanks for the info!
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