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Engine Light after Intake Swap

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i put on the WAI today and the check engine light seems to wanna stay on now, is this due to the sensor, or what, anyways post will possible solutions or answers, thank you!
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if that's the only thing you've changed, chances are that's the problem. is the sensor still connected? even if it's not useful, i'm pretty sure the IAT sensor still needs to be attatched or you'll get the check engine light.
yup that was it :D , last night i taped it too the near by radiator hose and wahlah, no more check engine light, however i am pissed at autozone, i bought new dome lights, they were labeled and colored blue, as i wanted, the bulb was BLUE, but i put them in my car, and they were nice and white, im so pissed, returning them today...
ok that wasnt it or im doing something wrong, for some reason the engine check light keeps coming on after driving for about 2-3 minutes... is it because its reading a diff air temp or what...
Well for starters, check the codes and see what number it's throwing. Second, after it set the first code did you reset your ECM? It may be the old code coming back, codes often reside in the memory untill you disconnect power to the ECM for about 30 seconds to reset it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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