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Engine Swap

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I have a question about this. Would I be able to put a newer cavalier engine into my 2nd gen without changing nething but the engine? Like maybe out of a 99 or 2000 cavalier? What would I have to change in order to swap the engine in?
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Need more specifics...

Are you talking about replacing a 2.2 with a 2200?
I'm not sure just a stock engine out of a 99 or 00 cavalier into my 2.2 rs
It would be easiest to change to a 96 2.2 because it is identical to yours.

There are slight differences in the 2.2 OHV SFI that comes in Cav's up to 2002, technically it should bolt right in no problems but you'd have to swap the wiring harness too because this one is SFI and yours is MPFI batch fire.
The engine doesn't know if it's MPFI or SFI. ;) The electronics determine that soley, so if you are able to retain your OEM electronics it would make it a lot easier.

And there are 2 different engines that come in the '99 or '00 Cavs, one is a 2200 the other is the 2.4....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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