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engine swap

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i was wondering if there was an engine besides the 3.1 or any cavi engine that i can swap in my cavi something with 200plus hp or something with turbo
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People have been able to fit 3100 SFI's, 3400 SFI's, and the 3800 SC's into our J-Body's engine bay... The best bet would probably be the 3400, since it requires less fabrication than the 3800.
what cars do those engines come from thanx
3100 SFI's and 3400 SFI's are found in various cars, including the third-gen Grand Am's, as well as the Chevy Venture and V6 Olds Alero's.

The 3800 SC engine is only available in the third-gen Grand Prix GTP's, IIRC.
so which one should i put in my car the one wit the most horse power
Read the sticky threads at the top of this section for some good information on 3100/3400 engine swaps. There's some things you need to know about doing them before going out and getting engines. A lot of guys (Raven and Colin come to mind) who will tell you that you can't just drop in a 3400, and encourage you to build it up first to get the best results.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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