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Engines in a 3rd gen.

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Could i fit the 3.1/3100 in without much hacking and can i fit a 3.4/3400 in with a lot of hacking? I've seen the engine bay and there is not much rooom. BTW i spent a while searching this topic and couldnt find it.
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yeah its actually been done by about 3 people sticking 3400's in a 3rd gen engine bay.

not to much has to be modified either. use a set of N body front engine mounts. the lower dog bone one is the only one that needs cutting and hacking.

bolts up to the ishitzu trans as well. use a 2.2 style flywheel and 2.2L trans, with a heavy duty clutch.

the most PITA would be the wiring of it all...
It'll also bolt up to the Getrag used on the newer 2.0 OHV engines. I just wonder how long the Isuzu or Getrag from the 3rd gens would hold up with a 3400 bolted up to them.
Probally not too long, especially a pimped out one.
well the 2.4 DOHC has about the same specs as a 3.1 so it shouldnt be to bad if it is designed for that.

As for the wiring there is a guy on the org who is working on making a wiring harness that is plug and play, i'd look into that.
Could i take the tranny out of the grand am or what ever and hook it up to the cavaliers components?
Trans will not work sorry man
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