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Ok... My mufflers shot.

Im thinking of goin a little ricy on the new one.

Does anyone know how to get a nice deep sound with the exhaust. I want one of the performance mufflers like most civics have. (the one that looks a apple juice can)

I want a deep sounding sound. like the fast and furious cars. \

Do i just have to get the muffler and weld it on to the pipes or do i have to get all new pipes.
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I wouldn't get one of the mufflers that sound like that, you should go with a Flowmaster or Magnaflow. they are just regular mufflers that go on like normal and have a nice deep sound to them.
O.B.X. racing dual 3 and a half tips. All in stainless steel for the sum 180.00. Best sound and look I've seen or heard yet. Worth every cent.
Wanta ricy sound? go to walmart and buy like a 5in exhaust tip....yeah they do work. Want performance muffler....buy a flowmaster.
i gotta magnaflow and it sounds GREAT.. it doesn't sound like a honda or anything.. its a sound of its own.. its awesome... check out my reg for pix of my exhaust or my site.. one of em's got em...
go on ebay and pick a muffler you like. all striaght thru muffler sound almost exactly the same. i recommend you get a resonator tho. i did and my exhaust doesn't pulse or fart at all. it's just a nice deep tone while cruising but when you open it up the car sounds pissed off.
im getting a dynomax super flow ss muffler, prety much a traight pipe in a box ;) it has a great sound to it.
I didn't do anything for my car to have that "deep aggressive" tone, but with as much gas as it's burnin off to get anywhere i would think it would be a little louder....

but uh,
I'd get a magnaflow over a flowmaster....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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