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Favorite amps?

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Well, Im going to get some new toys for my truck. Right now I am in the need of purchasing an amp. What would you recomend? Im looking for something atleast 1000w max 400rms. per channel. Mainly looking for a 2ch. Im not sure what subs Im going to be using, eaither I will be pushing 2 Sony Xplods or 2 Alpine Type R's. Unless I find something else to buy :) Just looking for some input on what you have and what you think. Thanks in advanced!
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If you want something good, ditch the Xplod. They make decent low end beginner stuff. But if you want good... Dont go with sony :p

I'd say get JL subs... Kinda pricey, but I think that's going to be my next system upgrade and get rid of these mtx's

As for amps.. I'm not sure... I havn't tried many different kinds. I dig my Kenwood though
if your pushing subs only go with a monoblock amp not a 2 channel. And it's all in the pricetag. I can name off a lot of different brands in what you describe there but most would be junk and not worth paying the $$ for. Then others like memphis and JL would be great but are on the costlier side of things. What's your budget?
JL Audio
Boston Acoustics

all higher end monoblocks. Alpines and JL have the cheaper pricetag.
to go with th alpine subs, go with an alpine amp. I have a 1000watt monoblock alpine with my alpine subs and they were MADE for each other :love:

I actualy found a very good guide on the net, here is something to consider:

Common Misconception #1. This should definitely be addressed first. This is the most common theme among people interested in upgrading.

I need the biggest and best hardware in order for my car to sound good.

Truth: Unless you are a serious audiophile, there is no need for the biggest or the best. Brands like Focal, DLS, Digital Designs, CDT, Boston Acoustics and other very high priced brands are only worth the money if you are competing or just need to feel like you have the best. Truth be told, most people considering upgrading their car stereo source, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers would do just fine with almost any brand you can find. These brands include Infinity, Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood and other popular brands. These brand's entry level lines are to be considered quite listenable. This applies to their amps, source units, subwoofers and interior speakers. These selections should not be driven to 100% of their advertised capacity, but they will sound good at 50-75% of their advertised output. The higher up the food chain you go, the more willing the items will be to reach their full capacity and you will begin to hear tonality differences at higher volumes.

You will find many people who will say "Infinity Reference is crap, I got the Kappa's", but if you sat them in a room and A/B'd speakers for them, they likely couldn't tell you which was which. They may even find themselves preferring the less expensive speaker. Speaker selection is very subjective and you should really listen to speakers in person before you buy them.

This is not to say that there is no junk out on the market, because there is. It's not the sound that's so bad, just the longevity. As long as you stay with a brand you have heard of for years (like those mentioned above who make all types of consumer electronics), you will likely have a positive experience. Examples of companies I would stay away from companies like "Dual", "Pyle", "Pyramid" and the like. Some may have success with their products, but generally speaking, they are not of the highest quality and most people experience premature failure of these items.
ppi rocks
Well, the whole system thing changed now. I got 2 PPI Amps. I have PPI PC2400 and a PPI PC4400. The best thing is they are both the Chrome Limited edition in MINT condition. So Im happy. As for the car they are going in, Im unsure. Im waiting to hear from a guy about buying my truck and then I may be using these for a system in the new puchase.. In which Im going to do a big install, then Ill be running around looking for a bigger wattage PPI because Im going to probably pushing 4 12s if I get the Blazer I want. If I go with the Grand Prix GTP then they will do fine :p :pimp:

Though Im still interested in what you guys think of certain amps.. Don't have too much a price tag limit right now... I guess say under $500

What do you guys think of the higher end Pioneer Amps?

And yea, the Sony subs were a good deal when I bought them so yea..thats why I have them otherwise Id never of bought them. I paid less than retail/stores pay for them. Got them at circuit city brand new open box and paid $25 a piece :pimp:
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Sony Xplod's were my first sub.when i finally got into the whole car audio thing and upgraded, i hooked them up 1 by one to a friends 1000wrms JBL BP.1100 and blew them up :lol:
benz88 said:
Sony Xplod's were my first sub.when i finally got into the whole car audio thing and upgraded, i hooked them up 1 by one to a friends 1000wrms JBL BP.1100 and blew them up :lol:

My buddy got bored with his Pioneer IMPP's and had a 2000w RMS 2ch I think audiobahn amp and hooked it up and blew the shit outta them..lol
I have been using blaupunkt....and ive had no problems....I like them because u can connect them all together :)....next yr i shud have 4 amps in my car...hopefully
Yeah I had a pair of JL 10W0's. I sold one to a buddy of mine and I'm goin to hook up the other one to one of my Alpine MRP-M650's and watch the bitch FRY! :evil:
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