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Fiberglass hood repair....

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I'm looking for a Z-24 hood, and i found one, but the corner is smashed. How hard would it be to repair the corner of the hood, and make it look half decent? The damage is only about 1 square inch of smashed fiberglass.
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well if you can bend or whatever the smashed in part back to where its sposed to be... you'd have to reem(sp) out where the break was.... and then fill that area with fiberglass.. if you fiberglassed right over the crack.. it'll crack there again.. if you make a lil valley where the crack is.. it'll be stronger... hope that helps.. its hard to explain.. easier to show in person
Ya I had to fix a crach about 4 inchs long... Just like cut it so that it came back into shape and then sanded it right down about inch all the way around the crack and the fg'ed it with *kitty Hair*. Its a bondo/fiber mix works good... Hopefully it dont crack.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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