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Finally showing my Z some love

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Between life and having 5 vehicles sometimes things get put on the back burner. This year I've finally gotten around to giving the Z some much needed attention, Worked out a deal with a painter to get some painting done. Trying my hand at custom fabricating a phantom grill. And decided to see how it would do in autocross. I know the site doesn't get the traffic it used to, but still always looking for any constructive criticism or advice.


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I'm liking it a lot. It appears that the deck lid is also black, so that with the black ragtop the black color goes all the way from front to back, including the black cowl piece. I've thought of doing this myself. If one cannot afford to do a professional paint job, its easy to use a black paint rattle can to do these parts. Yours looks sharp indeed! The pinstripe is nice.
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