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firing order?

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need the firing order for 93 cavalier 3.1

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nope thats not it tryed that and it misses bad

if you do a search there is a pic of it.
did a search and found nothing
123456 is right and it is cast onto the cylinder head as well. As for the picture, yeah its in the how to section.
and the V6 is Front bank (radiator side) 2-4-6
Rear Bank 1-3-5
pic says 1,4,6,3,2,5 thats what i wanted thanks
next time you should use something to mark them befroe you remove them!!
yeah i know, i ment the coilpack firing order sorry for the mess up, well at least all you guys are helpful

thanks again

yeah its cool though, atleast you got what you wanted
Ok.... sorry, I didn't know exactly what you were looking for. :oops:
Actually you have twice as good of chance of guessing the plug wire hookups on these engines compared to others. You can switch 1 & 4 or 3 & 6, or 2 & 5 and it will run just fine. Thats because the DIS system fires both plugs every revolution of the engine. Sounds wierd but it works.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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