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First time on The track

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My local track opened today so i took the Chevette out for a few runs. running stock rear end, 2.8 and 700r4. My best run was 10.33 in the 1/8th.
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Awesome. Turbo it and cut that in half.
Not bad, what do you figure it weighs?

2.8/700R4 should be somewhere between 90 and 100whp. Boost would help it for sure!
I'm not sure what it weighs, I think was somewhere around 2000-2100 stock so i figure its around 2200 without me 2450 with me in it. A turbo would be cool, but under hood space is very sparse.
400 shot of nitrous would help. Go big or go home. Lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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