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A guy my friend knows has a 2002 focus 1.8, he says that it's really quick and that it would kill my 2.2 cavi but i think he's wrong.

how fast are those cars, how much Hp do they have?
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Eh, I think they make somewhere in the 120 to 130HP range. I was on ford.com and was looking at specs and the zx3 zx5 zts se and ztw all are 2.0s and are pushing only 130, torque was like 135. So even though they are a year newer or whatever I'd believe the #'s would not have changed much. It should be good, but I think you may pull it off. Whats the specs of yours?
I have a 92 2.2 cavi with a WAI. i think it has about 120hp and 95-100hp at the wheels.
Oh, well it depends on a few things. If you got more torque than you'll get him off the line. I don't know if the 130 hps on the focus's go to the wheels or not (probably not) so it'd defiantly be a close one. Probably come down to driver skill. Like everyone says, just race and see what happens.
there is nothing saying the race will even ever happen, someday maybe after i get my licence it will happen because i may join this guys car club.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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