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For sale.Nice 94 cavi

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i have a 94 cavalier for sale wit 100k miles but in mint mint shape.. black 5 spd.wit 17 inch gun metal wheels. and custom interior engine bay and blue underbody neon lights.. look at the pics in my profile and make me an offer serious offers only..

Minty z

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If only you lived closer..........Just change that ND to MD =P
Nice car. The rims aren't doing it for me but easily replaceable. What do you consider a reasonable offer?? are we talking $1000-$1500 or are you one of those guys dead set determined to get like $4000-$5000 for it??
your offer is a lil ways off . there isnt many cavys as nice as this stock were lookin at right around 5 grand.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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