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Front sway bar rubbing.

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Can someone post a pic of the underside of a phase II with the sway bar so I can better illustrate what I'm talking about. My lower front sway bar is rubbing on this metal (I believe to be A frame) causing a wonderful noise when I turn right, hence weight shifts to left side (drivers). Why would it be rubbing, bad sway bar? bad metal piece? I need to know which to replace.
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Your sway bar bushings are worn out. If you buy new ones and their not expensive, if you can, using a pair of dial calipers measur the diameter of the bar first, cause GM used a couple of different sizes for sway bars. Found this out when I went to buy mine :) Now I just have to install them.
There's a bushing their? It's about 8 inches in from the tire. I didn't know they put bushings their. Time to go back out and crawl under the car again.
There are two of them, one on each frame rail. And I also forgot to mention the two linkages on the end of the bar :-? cheap and easy replacement.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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