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well lastyears beater will be going shortly and im wondering if anyone would be interested in it? if not it will be getting stripped and dropped off at zubicks lol

93 4dr cavy
195XXX kms
PL(broken lol)
headgasket done around 170K

i got this car last november ish and the only thing that went was my belt tensioner, since i got it i ahve changed:
spark plugs
o2 sensor
PCV valve
Air Filter
pass. balljoint
both rear brake lines from front door back

and i think thats it, it will come with 91-94 Z24 alloy rims and 91-94 Z24 front/rear bumpers and a hacked up 91-94 Z24 sideskirt o nthe drivers side lol ill include the passenger side if u want it but it will have to be cut up and installed by u

-rockers are shot and the passenger fender and door are dented when someone hit my car, car drives fine as they didnt hit the rim/suspension and the door still opens fine but the window only rolls down halfway unless u take the door panel off and try to push the brace out abit more to make clearance for the window to go down
-muffler has a hole in it, i have a cannon if u want it lol
-a bunch of tiny dents on hood and roof(can take pics to show)

-Etest still valid aslong as i can find the paper work or can the shop print off a new copy of my test?
-car has never let me down except for that stupid belt tensioner but i got her home anyways lol
-newer alt
-starts up everytime with no issues aswell and umm i dont know its blue? lol
-i drive this car everyday and that includes a hours travel time to and from work(30 min each way) and i have no complaints besides it being slow lol
car will come with factory tape deck/radio aslong as i can still find it and will have factory speakers put back in it, there is a pager alarm installed on it but i was gonna remove it but toss a extra $40 and i will leave it in

so either u have to fix the rockers or find a shop that wont care;)

if no one wants it then the Z24 parts and other stock parts will be up for grabs before i scrap it, i can get more for it if i part it out and scrape it but i really dont wanna waste the time lol i think ive been pretty honest about everything and i didnt try to hide anyhting, got a question then ask! :)
$200 or $240 with alarm

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PARTING IT OUT!! still looks the same but maybe more rust lol
im keeping the front brakes/knuckles for a brake upgrade in my Z24, but other then that anything u see is up for grabs aswell as the no name pager alarm
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