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FS: front 3(.5)" Eclipse speakers *pics* NEW PRICE!

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I have a pair of less than 1 year old front 3" (is it 3" or 3.5", nobody can ever answer that for me?) anyways, you guys know what im talking about, the front small 3" speakers. they are Eclipses, 2-way, very high quality. We all know its hard to find good 3" speakers, so i got them here. Used less than 1 year, i just want to move on, and i dont feel a need anymore for aftermarket speakers. Im certain i still have the original box also. Pictures available upon request.
Asking $90 shipped obo.

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here are some pics, also notice, these have metal tabs! where as all others have plastic and like to break. these are good quality speakers, w/original box. 2 -way.

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bump, i know sombody has got to want these.
not for that price. i think id rether just get a set of tweets
k, give me your best offer then, and we can work somthing out.
wow wow wow lol 60 bucks more wanted and urs are used...glwts
60 shipped?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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