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Fuel Pump Ring

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Anybody know where I can get a Fuel Pump Ring (metal ring that holds the fuel pump on the tank) Besides a dealership?

I asked Advanced Auto Parts, they can only get it if you buy the tank.

Anybody able to get just that part through Autozone, NAPA, etc...?

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Other than a dealership or a junkyard, I'm at a loss.

is it a snap ring, or is it one where you have to take a screwdriver and a hammer and turn it?

I went to a Chevy dealer, $13.04 after tax, they gave me a snap ring, just checking to make sure it's correct (i worked at a Ford dealership for the past 4 years, and i know they screw up a lot)

Thanks again.
Moe, I am not sure about that. I have yet to remove the tank on my car so I dont know for sure.

Update: Ring is a snap-ring in my 93 RS 2 Door 2.2L 4 banger. You do not need snap ring pliers to remove or install it. I was able to do it with my hands.

Finally my junk yard gas tank is up! I can fill it to the top!

Note to self: Put 2 gallons in tank, then drove to gas station, Check Gages light came on when I hit the end of the street. But, it will make it to the gas station (2 miles down the road).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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