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Appealing to all the more knowledgeable people.

I've recently rebuilt my '92 Sunbird 3.1L cause all the gaskets gave up after 30 years, lol, and I'm looking at the fuel lines, especially changing over the rubber hose between the hard lines attached to the body and the engine. That isn't an issue, thinking of switching to AN connections, but one thing that I'm not sure of is on the hard feed line on the engine side, there is a round canister. I looked up the part and it's says it's to do with the EVAP system. Since it's pretty much impossible to get this part via GM, I'd like to know more about it, such as, is it necessary, can it plug up, if yes to both, how is it cleaned? Or is it possible to replace with something else? Any other info about it would be great. I'm Googling about it at the same time but wanted to see if anyone here has knowledge on it.

I've added a couple pics here for reference, item 67, I found on gmpartswiki - GMPartsWiki - Parts and Illustration Catalog 25J February 1993

Head Gesture Font Art Rectangle
Font Monochrome Pattern Number Parallel

Thanks everyone!
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