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I hate to say this, but I am flirting with the idea of buying a 2017 Civic SI. They are wicked fun for the price ($23k USD) as most Honda guys are opting for the Type-R. I just don't like the idea it's front wheel drive, but not a total deal breaker. If I go new I might just go the way of the SI.

But I'd also consider something older that can leave a budget for upgrades and the repair & maintenance costs won't give me a heart attack anytime I think about touching it as my 350z does.

Wish List (in descending order)
-Only "luxury" I really care about is Air Conditioning.
-Economical to upgrade/nominal repair & maintenance costs
-Minimal computerized nonsense
-Rear Wheel Drive

I'd like to the find the equivalent of a second gen z24, but in a sedan. But no offense but Cavalier Sedans are fugly. Think something along the lines of an older BMW M5, but just less computer stuff and cheaper repairs.

Chevy SS, would be nice if it came in manual.
Pontiac G8, is a bit too new for me.
Cadallic CTS-V are awesome but again too new and modern and don't imagine maintenance costs are cheap.
Crown Vics are can be built with massive power, but I want something that handles better, plus ideally a manual option.
Maybe an older Jetta or Civic? Ideally I want RWD.
WRX, but AWD has more parts to wear out.

Any suggestions?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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