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Funny Honda Story (RICERS)!

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I brought home my new 99 civic ex. I went cruising that night but it just didn't seem fast enough?!?!?!

I checked the engine to make sure it was still there???

I made sure the tires were enflaited correctly!

Everything inside seems to be right!?!?!

So, I talked to my 2 boyzzzz who know cars. I said Why is my honda so slow????

They said you need new bumpers, thos stock bumpers are not fast enough.

Out with the slow bumpers and in with the new, my boyz said i didn't have to paint the bumpers yet and i could drive around with them only primered, but my body shop, backroom-paints, said i should paint them now, so i did, thanks dad for the loan.

The car seemed a little faster after the bumper swap but still not fast enough, my boyz suggested i cut my springs.

They also said get rid of the quiet exhaust and put a fart can on, so i did!

My boyz also said i should put a cold air intake in and a upperstrut bar (whatever the hell that does). So I did!!!

Then they said, SIDE SKIRTS MAN SIDE SKIRTS!!! and WHEELS, i said i can't afford all 4 wheels, so my boyz said get 2 for the rear and when u can afford the other 2 get them, so I did.

Now i got all 4 wheels!!!

After all that, my honda still didn't seem fast enough. Cold air intake and strut bar thingy

Fart can exhaust!!!

so my boyz said yo man u need race seats that don't match your interior. So i got these hot red sparcos. That shoulld make the car fast

UH huh they look nice

I told my boyz that all this stuff still isn't making my honda fast, and I'm not getting the honeys. Is there anything left i can do.they thought long and hard.

And one said I KNOW!!!! STICKERSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH we put stickers all over the car half on the hood half on fender, on the windshield, rear wing, side of the car. This thing is going to be FAST

AHHHHH yeah, my honda is fast now, I'm winning races and getting the honeys!!!!!
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hahahahahaha too good
thats funny, but waaaay old.
easye said:
thats funny, but waaaay old.

There was a thread like this late last year or early this year.

Still funny though.
lol that's pretty damn funny :lol:
They Forgot the [email protected] :wink: ss spoiler!! No wonder it didnt go fast!
vulcaneagle said:
They Forgot the [email protected] :wink: ss spoiler!! No wonder it didnt go fast!
lol geeze... the boyzzzz forgot the key ingredient for speed!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

That is great! You have too much time on your hands! :D :D :lol: :lol:

all ricers seem to waste all their money imitating Dom Toretto in the "ricey and the ridiculous"(fast and the furious) when in truth theyknow they can't be him there's only 2 "S" words that come into play with all ricers:SLOW and full of SHIT! word to the immature get off of Dom's dick!!
:lol: Hahahahaha, That is the funnniest thing I've ever seen in my life. :eek:
do i need to break out my slow and kinda angry t shirt?
seen it before, but funny.
girlracer said:
do i need to break out my slow and kinda angry t shirt?
do explain...
tiny1877 said:
girlracer said:
do i need to break out my slow and kinda angry t shirt?
do explain...
will in do time. getting ready to leave for the drags. i will get a pic of my shirt.
the funny thing about the whole cartoon is he put the side skirts on upside down..lol... i have the civic modifier and i have them on right.....
Holy Shit, my face hurts from laughing so much.
hahahah thats to funny man, but so true
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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