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Future upgrade recomendations

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Hey right now I have a pioneer head powering 3.5Kappas and 6x9 Dragsters with a Rockford Fosgate 90watt rms powering a MB Quart 12". I listen to mostly punk and hardcore, stuff like that, so this is all I really need. So of course as anyone with a system knows, theres always room to go louder. I was thinking Alpine V12 for the interior speakers, but thats where I get lost. What kind of amp would be good for the sub? And, if improving the interior, should I keep the 12? I heard 10s are punchier, and Im not looking for deep bass, it should hit hard? Any recomendations would be great, also, how many watts should the sub be pushing, if each interior speaker is hitting 40 watts each?
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get the v 12 to power the subs....go with either 2, 2 channel amps or 1, 4 channel amp, to power the inside speaks....figure out whether you want to runs 10's or 12's....if it was my car i'd probably run 12's just because most of the newer ones act like 10's anyway, they just aren't as "light"...as long as you're powering the 12's properly they will be as punchy as you want them to be,,,as far as quality...what you pay is what you get....simple as that....don't expect to have an insanely loud system, if you're not ready to pay the extra for it...and i'm not trying to rag you out, but put some thought into what you want first...you could also go with a cap to give you that constant power as well...if you have any other q's just post em...i'll try to help...like i said, i listen to almost all the same stuff as you so check out my registry and see if that helps....
like i said, i wasn't trying to rag on ya...just trying to help
Hey man your not ragging me out at all, that's rad that you want to help. Im expecting to spend alot of money on this since, Ive alrady spent an allright amount so I'm gonna spend more, I have the bug :( Anyways man whats a cap? like, I know what it is but what does it do? Your system sounds like its set up pretty nice
Agreed, sit odwn and really think abouut what you want your system to end up as. A ground pounder, or something that plays music with every little detail. Then once you figure that out you'll know better what you should need or want.
well I just want something that sounds nice, and is louder than what I have. I'll just use the speakers in the stock locations, (but I do have them upgraded) Is a Alpine V12 good for the interior speakers? I think Ive seen a few people on here with that, how does the amp hold up? And as far as bass goes, I just want something that matches the interior, not too loud, just something that fits. I've heard alot of good things about JL 12W7, would they be good in this kind of application? Also, again, what does a cap do?
The W7 will be a good sub for your application, but for what it seems you're looking for, you can get a cheaper sub that will sound almost as good but not be able to handle as much power. For your system I'd suggest that you get the JL W3 with a JL 250.1
I'd even say search for a 12W3 V1 ... no need to shell out the big bucks for the V.2 when it isn't exactly necessary.
hey man i know a guy who might be selling a couple JL W3's in town...unbelievable good sounding subs. If you interested then send me a PM when you are ready to upgrade. They have had "Mild" Usage.
Hey man I just send you a PM but Im too lazy to send you one about the subs, how much and what size? Sweet, pm me back man
Does anyone have personal favourites on interior amps? I need something that pushes 40watts rms to each speaker, so any ideas would be grand
IMO Best buy for your buck

US Acoustics USX 4065
about $200 From Sound Domain landed here
Sounds rad, but the kappas are like 35rms, wouldnt that be bad for them?
Nope im runnin my Infinity references (6x9) off of em, you just dont crack the gain all the way up.
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