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G. Am suspension??

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I got struts off of a grand am gt at the yard.brand new stocks.After inspecting the chassis,i realized that they are real similar to j's.It was a gt with a monsterous front swaybar in it.i'm 90% it will fit,but any info would sway me away or towards it.Thanks. P.S. i tried looking the strut numbers up and found out they might be a little stiffer than my 2.2 cav. due to the fact that it says "sport suspension"(i know probably not corvette handling).
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the struts should be the same, i know base cav and Z24 use the same struts i would assume base GA and GAGT use the same struts, what year was this car, it probably had the FE3 front swaybar
Maybe between 90 and 93 because i looked up the struts and the pic for a 94 was different.the strut didn't have the top arm that the tie rod end connected to.The sway bar was huge though,i've looked at numerous sway bars at the yard,and this one competed with v8 comaros.
Grand AM struts are the same from 92-98 although the springs change after 95 I believe.
And base models used the same as the GT
Throwing a huge front bar in your car will increase understeer. If you want to decrease it (or at least keep it close to what it is now), you need to have a rear bar to balance whatever is up front.
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