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gage cluster problem

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ok I have a 89 z24 with the digtal dash. I was riding along the other night and the cluster just goes out. I found a blown fuse. I replaced it and everything was ok until I turn my light back on and I heard a pop and the cluster goes out again. I check the fuse but it is ok. so now when I turn my head lights on I can not see the cluster. but if I turn the head lights off the cluster comes back on. So now at night I have to turn my lights off to see how fast im going. I have replaced the cluster but that was not it. anyone with the same problem or know what in the hell it is.
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my gf had the same probelm with her 88 it was weird, she had to do the same thing you did and one day i dont know what happened but it seamed to jusdt fix itself, it may be faulty wiring somwhere. I dont know what she did to fix it.
i have been riding around for over a yr like this and it sucks.
who needs to know how fast their going??? :D 8)
Sounds like the switch is shorting out inside, try a different one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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