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am i teen and got lots to learn still... how do gauges work... (electronic with mechanical moving parts) its just monitors voltage corect? so are all gauges the same? say for example... the speedo... one from any car would work in mine corect? like there is a standart? or diferent by brand and make?

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i 'm thinking general but who knows..............
oh fucking shit that sounds so.....bad... i meant general... shit! sorry...

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v6z24man said:
:eek: :eek: :eek: HAHAHAHAHA :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: !!!
wourd^^ lol :lol:
i know that the speedo runs of a cable. the faster you go the tighter the cable gets and makes the needle move. as far as oil presser, fuel and stuff like that i think it runs off a type of electrical current and stuff. from there depending one were the sensor is position it then is sent to the gauger and it displays what the float tells it to. (full, 220, etc)
I depends on the gauge: There are 2 main types of gauges: Mechanical (requires you to run whatever you want to measure into the gauge) and electric (when you have a remotely places electrical sender "tell" the gauge what is going on.)

yeah ... are electric ones like compatable? say the oil pressure... since they make them electical for safety reasons... i heard the censor is just a thermal or pressure resistor in series with the battrey,... and its that simple... more current more the gauge shows... so are thjey compatable... like could i for example... use and dodge electric gauge in the cavy?
If the connectors hooked up I imagine you could. However I wouldnt be sure that they would or would not hurt anything...Its hard to say what kind of output they produce or if it would even be compatable with what the ECM is tryin to read...This is my guess
yeah some gauges (bourdon wire guages for the more mechanically inclined) have a tube that when oil is pushed through it, straightens out and pushes some crap to move the needle.
cool... but like.. would electronic ones show wrong measurments? say original says 5 and the other would say 8..?
or there is a standart?
No gauge will really read wrong unless it's defective. Electronic gauges would probably be more accurate than mechanical, but you can't make an argument ou of it. The only real difference is that electronic gauges are safer than mechanical (you're not gonna get hot oil spraying up through a broken oil pressure gauge).
yeah i saw the episode on popular hot rodding tv... so there is a standard for gauges... like 7.2V will say 20psi on any same time gauge i guess... cool... i wont realy nkow till i try... what type of gauges does the cavy have...

fuel - electronic
water temp - electronic

LOL... Thanks MOD... :lol:
all the gauges are eletronic in the cav. if you ever pull the cluster out youll see that you just take out 4 screws and pull it out of a big socket.
great... so all ill need would be new electronic gauges? corect? they would work for any onther car...

now how about a speedo that shows 300km/h would that still work... u like u know what i mean? cause the cavy one will max out at 160 or whatever... like thats what im trieng to get figured out....
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Haha "future embarassment", LOL :lol: .
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