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Gen2 Phs2 Cavalier SS

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This was the biggest joke i'd seen in person in a long time. I was at the junk yard the other day getting some here and there parts (still not finding some uncracked corner lenses and strut bar). And sitting in front was this red Phase2 cavalier with SS in big letters on the door. It had the stock front bumper off a base model, had z side skirts, and get this, it had the stock rear bumper off a base but had a Z bumper bolted ontop of it with two screws. I pushed down on it and the z bumper just slid down off of it. I bet it was a 4 cyl to, but didnt check. I was with a guy who pointed aloud that it was a cavalier SS and i look at him and said "They never made a cavalier SS" i just laughed.
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yeah there is a base cavyby my gf with those huge ss stickers on the door also. I think the one by my gf's house might have been something the dealer had done.
i dont know if this was dealership done or not, but that rear bumper was an obscenity.
coony said:
i dont know if this was dealership done or not, but that rear bumper was an obscenity.
i can only imagine!!!! should have taken pics.....lmao
Eww, my '97 has the super sport on the front mid area of the doors. Didn't stick out like a sore thumb though. Previous owner or whatever put them on after they put the razzi kit on it.

I kind of miss that car, but oh well.
Yea one of my friends from back home swears up n down that he has a cavalier ss and i tried telling him and he wont listen...
hah...i seen some guy driving a white 92-94 gt bird with these huge GTO stickers on the doors... :guns: :guns: :guns:
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