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General Questions about my 94 Cavalier...

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Well last month I wrecked my 1991 Pontiac Sunbird :( it was my baby... Pics can be seen here.www.sounddomain.com/id/twist12

Well I then bought my Uncles 1994 Cavalier Vl... Its nothing great performance wise but it gets me back and forth... Now i have some Questions about my Cavalier...

Where can i get Lowering springs for this vehicle? I checked out Eibach springs but those are like 380 bucks :eek: Is there any alternatives?

It also has a little ticking in the engine... My uncle said that it is the timing chain or somthing... Anyone ever messed with this...?

Thanks a lot,

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well i got my intrax springs from nopionline.com for $220
timingchains don't usually make a "ticking" sound (if it did the timing would be sooo far off that the engine would run shiatty) a use a long screwdriver or a piece of vacume hose or get and a mechanic's stethascope and locate the sound..i bet you will prolly find it to be the injectors(o.k.)lifters(change the oil) or the rocker arms(adjust the valves)
2.2s tick all the time.. don't worry about it.. its just valve chatter lol.. means its working good ;)
my mom had a 2.2 SS and it did the same thing so don't worry about it
hopefully by next summer ill have it lowered,tinted windows,maybe new ground effects.... Im really not filling the black bumbers...
I have the 2.2 as well. I just posted a while back about the ticking in mine. Seems to be the general idea that it is common for these engines. Mine will make a ticking sound till it warms up then it fades away. I wouldnt worry about it too much.
eibachs are at tirerack.com for 240 i think, and ive had good luck working with that site it fact im ordering the springs from them next week
If I remember right tirerack had decent prices on KYB shocks and struts too.
ericksaint said:
If I remember right tirerack had decent prices on KYB shocks and struts too.
wurd yo
thats where i got mine
they ship them fast to, they should give me commission for this :p
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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