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Well i just fixed most of my exhaust leak and i was driving around my block a few times. I live infront of a park and there were a bunch of kids there. Im driving turnin the corner and a kid on a bike is like VROOOM VROOOM, im like ok and revved some, turning onto my block at about 15mph i dumped the clutch and slammed it into 2nd and she kept spinnin i was like :eek: :lol: . Then im chillen in my car seeing how shes runnin and a kid comes over.

Kid: Dave wants to race you for slips.
Me: ummm No this is my only car.
Kid: This is a Z24 it has to have something in it.
Me: Yea a 6 and he got a 8(Thunderbird LX)

then he left. So i took another trip around the block and seen a car in the lot of the park, i pulled in to check it out, it was a Geo Prism(auto) with Exhaust, Intake(like ours), Springs. The guy comes up to me, "wuts she run" me"i dont run her on the track only the highway". So we got to talking and turns out awhile back when my sis had this car he towed it and remembered it was blue i was like oh shit i remember you. I got a free set of Xenon White Lite Glow low beams from him cuz he cant use them. I was like sweet.

Then he asked if i wanted to run it. I dont know much about them but i know enough that i shouldnt worry about it. But he kept on smiling like something was done to it to kill me. 20 mins later im like aight lets do it.

We pulled onto the highway turning left he was 2 cars infront. I catch up and im in 3rd chillen at 50 next to him so he floored it. I nailed it by 65 he was at my rear i TRIED to slam it into 4th but to high of an rpm so i waited a second then put it in easy and floored it i got a few cars ahead.

Then we pulled up to a light side by side. Im watchin the cross light, our light is red and he took off by the time it turned green he was halfway through the light, i came off the clutch alittle fast and spun alittle in 1st then 2nd(chirped) then 3rd passed him, 4th a few cars back :-D. Then we hit some traffic and did it from about a 20 roll i missed 3rd went to 5th :( (im a disgrace) he took 2 cars i downed it to 3rd and caught back up.

I won all the times we ran it i was waitin for him to hit nitrous or something lol. When we both left the parking lot, he spun it and got about .5 seconds of smoke, i reverse dropped it into 1st and smoke everywhere :-D. Dave still wants to race me but im iffy on his car.
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