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got a body kit question..

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i am thinking about getting a new front bumber cover but i am not sure if it will line up with the side skirts i have on the car now(i have the stock ones) if it doesnt line up is there a way that i can fix it? or do i have to buy side skirts as well.

also i am not sure which bumper cover i want. i am trying to decide between the:

onderground-design sports
FX Design VS front bumper cover
or the Diza Hurricane

Which oe do you think looks the best? and how hard are they to put on?
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Number 1- it's bumPer, not bumber, and 2- if you get a front bumper from fx or anything it will probably sit lower, but i'm not 100% positive on this one. if your planning on putting a rear bumper on it too you should get the sideskirts as well.
no i am only planing on getting a front bumper cuz i am on a budget and i like the sides skirts and the rear bumper is fine for now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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