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got some work done, and a few pics.

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I finally got my blown out strut fixed... the first strut lasted 3 months. I think it was the intrax springs that killed it though :oops:

But the new strut they gave me is teal green :eek:

I also painted up some brake parts with VHT high-temp caliper and drum paint. its REALLY good stuff

Also changed the grille a bit. theres a pontiac emblem in the center, but its painted red so it blended right in, in the picture.

and a close up pic of my "ugly" licence plate mod. the plate is actually inside the taillight.
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you NEED the Z24 side skirts as well to complete your cars look, mint other than that though!!!
I know I need skirts, I cant find any in my area that are in good shape. I got the 2 bumpers for $75 cdn, so I dont plan on spending a whole lot on the skirts.
Looks awesome man. I used the VHT paint for my calipers and drums too. That stuff is great. As far as your license plate mod, I don't think its "ugly," I think its pretty damn cool. I think you and I must have the most unique sunbirds in Alberta.
Looks pretty good man. Like they all said, just get some skirts!!
thanks for the response guys 8)

if the pics arent working, its just because the server (jbodyalberta.com) is down temp.
that looks really nice. the noise thing looks really nice good job with everything
The car is looking nice man! I like the license plate too, I think I allready said that in a post a little while back though too. I like the rims too! Keep her clean.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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