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I finally got my blown out strut fixed... the first strut lasted 3 months. I think it was the intrax springs that killed it though :oops:

But the new strut they gave me is teal green :eek:

I also painted up some brake parts with VHT high-temp caliper and drum paint. its REALLY good stuff

Also changed the grille a bit. theres a pontiac emblem in the center, but its painted red so it blended right in, in the picture.

and a close up pic of my "ugly" licence plate mod. the plate is actually inside the taillight.

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Looks awesome man. I used the VHT paint for my calipers and drums too. That stuff is great. As far as your license plate mod, I don't think its "ugly," I think its pretty damn cool. I think you and I must have the most unique sunbirds in Alberta.
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