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Guitar for sale**pics**

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Ok... I have seven guitars... so it is time to sell mine.

It is a 5 year old Yamaha FG-302 with a hardshell case. I bought it new for $325 and the case was another $35.00. The guitar is in great shape and has no major defects or problems. Will include a new set of strings with the guitar.

$250 plus shipping.

It is the one in the front on the right hand side.
If you have any questions or more pictures, please e-mail me.

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nobody needs a good guitar?

I guess I will have to put it on E-bay in a week or 2 then....

Hi Brad,
Thanks for sharing your offer. It's always tough to part with a beloved guitar, but I'm sure someone will be interested in your Yamaha FG-302. It's great to hear that the guitar is in good condition with no major issues.
Can you please provide more information on the shipping options available? Also, do you have any sound samples or videos of the guitar being played that you could share?
Looking forward to hearing back from you.
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