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Hamilton Ontario Meet Thursday 18th!

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Hey Everyone from Ontario! I dont usually post this meet on here, because I never really thought of it, but since there are lots of people that reside in Ontario. Lets have a meet!

So this is the first on V6z24! This is usually posted on the JCO.

Our meets our located on Upper James and rymal(hwy53) behind the Taco Bell!
Be there 7:30ish. Hope to see you there!


Map: <LINK_TEXT text="http://www.mapquest.ca/maps/map.adp?add ... ubmit.y=15">http://www.mapquest.ca/maps/map.adp?addtohistory=&country=US&address=&city=&state=&zipcode=&historyid=2&submit.x=53&submit.y=15</LINK_TEXT>
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let us know when the next meet is and I will try to make it!
looking for some other cavi's n such for a good time, when is the next meet? every thursday at 7:30?? new 'members' welcome?
New people are always welcome. Check out the niagara section on the msg board at www.j-body.com for info on meets in the area.
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