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Hard corner - low coolant

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I have had to take a hard corner a few times now (high speed) and each time, I get a low coolant light coming on. Coolant is not low, and I have no other engine issues that I can think of that might be related. Any ideas?
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hmm..could be a bad sensor. Mine goes on and off all the time while I'm driving and I know I'm not low. Or it could be that you just took the corner so fast that the coolant in your bottle sloshed to one side so much that the sensor thought it was low :lol:
That is normal, if your coolant level is fine, dont worry about it.

mine used to do that, it was a bad sensor. I didnt feel like replacing it so I just unplugged it. its not really a necessary warning indicator... as long as your temp is down you have coolant hence making that indicator useless.
Thanks guys!

Sure was a fun corner to take though!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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