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HardTop Vert.

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AAAAAlright, This may sound stupid, and not sure if this has ever been covered, but, has anyone ever toyed with the idea of making a hard top for their vert? Ive got an 88 z24 vert and i was wondering what it would take to cut the roof off of a coupe (keeping the rear glass and rear side windows). Looks like the front windows may not seal well due to coupes having framed windows.... not sure. So if anyone has any input to give, I'm all ears. Thanks
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Anything is possible. But this would be a lot of work and cost for very little gain.

Also, hello neighbor. I live in West Warwick.
Ill be taking measurements soon so see if its at all a plausible upgrade.
Yes. I have a plan... It involves some of this... Basically... Stay tuned... 10 years to go lol
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