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Well i left my house to go to the junkyard at 1, i got there and went to the white base cavi i seen last time. I get a closer look im like f%#@ someone just took the headlights off it :( so i took the corner lenses off that one :-D, walking out i notice a Ph1 4door Sedan, i dont know much bout them but said i wonder if the headlights are the same, they are i was like YES :) i go to pop the hood and the latch is broke :( im like sh^t. I ripped off the grill and popped the hood. Took me about 30 mins to get the headlight assembly off cuz i needed a 12mm wrench or another socket but i only had one :(. I took the corner lenses off that too :-D, im gonna keep the 2 cracked lenses regular to pass inspection, and the other 2 im gonna make clear and sell them. The assembly costed 65 bux :(. I left went to advanced auto and picked up an oil breather and so rags. Came home it took me 5 mins to take my assembly out. I primed wutever was blue black, sprayed the new assembly black and its shiny now :-D. I checked all my fluids and shes running really good now. I guess things are looking up for me now :). I took her for a spin and spun em going into 2nd not even a chirp a full spin i was like :eek: . lol sorry for the long post here's some pics. Also the guy 3 houses down came up to me and told me as i qoute "Young fella, i dont mind you revving your engine but put a muffler on it, for the last 3 days ive been hearing this and its shaking my windows its rediculous", i said i was sorry and im fixing the problems now.

the one to the right is the new one.

And my oil breather.
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