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headlight strobes

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does annyone know about these i want to get some like what the police has, i looked on e-bay and all i could find where some 10$ ones that claim could be mounted inside the headlights. They have like different covers to change the colous. I'm nottoo sure about there i was expecting more $$$ for some strobes. Could someone please help me out here
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yea some company came on here about a year or so ago pushing these things.
Well, there's 2 ways you could go for this. One way would be to use Streetglow's headlight strobes and controllers. The other way would be to obtain actual emergency vehicle strobe units.


Why do strobes? :x A guy at the track had them a while ago. Nearly gave me a siezure. I think my eyes started bleeding. The lights are way WAY too bright. If you do strobes, you need to do like a nice soft green LED, maybe a purple or a magenta. Cold colors. Head lights are so big and bright.

On a person with epilepsy, strobe lights can actually cause a siezure. Wouldn't like to be responsible for that, would ya? :nono:

I believe strongly in anti-strobe, but whatever makes you happy with your car is what you should do. I just hope I don't have to see those friggin lights.
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