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Heater stuck on vents...

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I recently gutted my interior, and now it's back together I noticed today that my heater is stuck on vent (conveniently when my windshield needed defrosting) no matter what setting it is on, it is stuck on vent. i figure maybe i am not getting a vacuum connection right or something. i also noticed that about 90% of the air was coming out of the center 2 vents, and about 10 from the two sides by the doors? any suggestions on troubleshooting?

i recently also took apart the airbox under the hood to get at some leaves and dirt plugging up the drain, and had to disconnect some vacuum lines in there... i'm 90 percent sure i hooked them back up tho, so i don't think it's that. i also don't know if it happened before or after i gutted the interior because i recently bought the car. thanks
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Not sure about the 92s but the 91s HVAC controls on the back has a rotating selector gear which turns and selects the correct vacuumn line when the lever on the face is moved back and forth. I took mine apart a while back and never figured out how to put it back together and everytime I turn my car on it makes a hissing sound coming from the vacuumn lines . So maybe you also damaged this part when you gutted your interior?

Sorry if the description is kinda vague, maybe someone else can clarify.
actually all it might be is the cable that ties to the selector. I had this exact problem so I took appart the HVAC and had to put a pin in between the cable and the selector to get it to work...
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