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help findin oil leak :(

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cylinder heads story :D

ok guys i just replaced my cylinder heads and the thing start out fuckin shitty(bad idle), so we shut her down and check the vacums, yep two hoses unplugged, plug it up, next thing we know there is a gas smell under the hood, there seems to be a pool of gasoline where the injectors are, so we shut her down, thank god, clean the thing and tighten the bolts, ok next thing, fuckin cooland hose under the throttle body we 4got, fuckin cooland everywhere ! ok so now we fix that, and only thing thats wrong is that its fuckin leakin from theback of the engine, someplace closer to the drivers side. . .


now for a few questions:

what color is smoke of burnin coolant ? what about oil ?

what does coolant burn smell like ? what about oil ?

what place could we of fucked up at in the back, the only thing we took off from there is the valvle cover, and it seems to be fckin fine !
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white smoke means your burning coolant

when you put your new heads on, did you replace your head gasket and have the mating surfaces cleaned? if not, your leaking coolant into the cylinders and burning it, hence the white smoke from the exhaust.......

as for whatever is in the back? ,... its prolly just crap burning off from your previous spills.. lol... BE MORE CAREFUL ,.... whenever you do work like this.. DO NOT rush,.. make sure EVERYTHING is put back together...

Do it right the first time! :)
ok well there is no smoke from the exhaust, the smoke actually came from the coolant spilling from the line goin into throttle body(prolly heater bypass line), we fixed it....... everything is fine xept the oil leak :D well the white smoke, i think its just coolant left over, like you said:p

i got cyl head gaskets, cleaned the surface, the from of engine is PERFECT, well at least it looks like it, the back is fucked, the only thing we took off is the valve cover !

whats in the back and can be oil spillin ? what about on the right side of the engine(drivers side)

hmmm ok, sounds just like maybe your rocker cover isnt sealed up when ya put it back on
ok its not the rocket, i was downstairs in teh mornin, started the car and its DEFINETLEY the o ring, that exact place, so yeah i'll be replacing that soon :D thanx 4 the help guys, by the way, what color is smoke from oil ? black, what about gas, does gas smoke ?
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