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HELP QUICK Custom WAI from the howto

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I went out and b ought the stuff i came home, and the pvc pipe doesnt fit in the cone or from the stock hose, but the cone fits right into the stock hose, is there a need for the pvc pipe?
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no not really as long as there is no holes going from the filter to the hose... so no piping is fine as long as it fits right...
When I did mine the PVC fit inside the filter and inside the stock hose and then I tightened the clamps around the PVC. I also drilled a hole in the PVC and installed a rubber groumet and put the IAT into the PVC tubing. It worked real well. They might have given you the wrong size pipe, or you have a different filter with a different size opening.
that could be
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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