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Help, quick!

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I just got some Infinity Ref 3.5"s and they are 4 Ohms. I also got these little battery looking things with two wires sticking out of each. Do I need these? If I do, how do I connect them?
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Hey! I know somebody is out there! I need an answer! PLEASE!!!!
Sounds like caps they will filter out the bass so the speakers will play only mids and highs if they are caps they r connected on the + pos terminal of the speaker. Wire from deck or amp in and out to the speaker.
Hope this helps.
Should I put them on?
Should I put them on?


I put mine on, and they made a huge difference. Before hand the speakers bottomed out pretty early but with them no bass so they go loud :)
yeah and if you have an amp and subs, or dont it really improves the clearness of the sound. Unless you have an electronic x over or an amp with it built in. An electronic x-over is better than a passive x-over which would be caps and coils.
So all I do is put it between the positive speaker wire and the positive thing on the speaker, right?
Thank you! Have a nice day :D .
Got them in! They sound really nice :D .
Good to hear that. If you ever plan to upgrade your sstem I'd suggest getting an electronic crossover.
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