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Help! Rough idle

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Hey whats up if anyone can help me out id be greatful, i have an 88 z24 cav with a 89 motor and tranny. My problem is i have a rough idle all the vaccume line are attached and i just changed the plugs and wires, it idles anywhere from 500rpms to 1500rpms when i start it and put it into gear when its cold it stalls out occasionally but when its warm it runs fine except in stop and go traffic it wants to die out im a poor college student so i dont have alot of money to fix the problem but i would like some answers if anyone knows what the hell is up with my car a guy told me it may be either my throttle body needs cleaned or my throtle position sensor may be bad does any of this make snecer to anyone hit me back with your sudgestions thanks alot.
Joe P
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My 90 Cavailer also did the same thing---if you just gave it a tune up---Id first check to see if the engine is throwing any codes, that would be most helpful. I would also check your sensor, that the only thing that sucks about these cars.--Hope ya figure it out!
Check the trouble codes. (instructions are in the how to section.) Clean the throttle body. Double check all of the vacuum hoses. Just a crack in one of those hoses will screw up your idle. Check the IAC and the EGR valve for proper operation.

you can always try an idle relearn procedure to see it that helps what do you got to lose http://www.v6z24.com/mods/howto/?page=idlerelearn
My car was doing that but 600rpm-3000rpm's and i had lost most if not all my pep in the car, the codes i got were 22,34,42. I fixed my problem because 2 of my wires had been cut by my alternator. You might wanna check on those codes.
well i had that problem with my car, and it wasnt a typical solution. the donut that seals the exhaust pipe to the manifold was totally shot, there was a 1" of movement, so it was letting air in the chamber and doing some weird shit. anyways, if all else fails its worth a check. :D
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