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Hesitation and rough idle on 3.1

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Hello fellas! I am new to the forum, but I figured I should join because I have two Cavaliers currently and plan on adding more to my collection. I collect a lot of different type of cars, but I have always had a special interest in cavaliers having had an 84 coupe and an 87 convertible when new. Anyway, my 1992 RS 3.1 L station wagon is having some trouble. When you first touch the gas it’s almost like the car wants to shut off and then comes back to life…like a dead spot on the old carbureted cars. She will also misfire at idle. The exhaust will smell like fuel. So it behaves like a lean condition but smells like a rich condition. We have checked the fuel pressure and the TPS switch and the voltage from the regulator and the coolant level. We have also checked vacuum lines. Anybody have this problem with their 3.1 V6?
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Hello and welcome to the site.
Take a look at ignition components. A misfiring coil or possibly a failing crankshaft position sensor can cause those symptoms. Maybe a bad fuel injector(s). Dirty fuel filter.
When you checked fuel pressure, did you ensure that the pressure was holding, i.e. a leak down test? I know you checked the vacuum lines, but did you do a smoke test to see if there are any leaks other than vacuum lines? These are just a few things I've ran into over the years.
Thanks I’ll try some of those ideas. Much appreciate!
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