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how much for an 88 metro?
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It really all depends on the market your in. Youll have to consider the fact that people may not feel its worth as much as you would like. With all those added bonuses to your car you might want to consider selling to someone who will knows what they are doing to a car and not some strange person off the street due to the fact that they will appreciate the car a little more and will also realize the work put into the car. where as most other people that are in the market for a car just want something that can get them from point a to b and back again. So they are not oing to be willing to put as much money into something they are gonna beat the hell out of.
i'll give you $100.00 and a beer...not wait a case of Canadian...yes....excellent....it's all going according to plan...
Ya but I mean approximations, like what would you think it to be worth?... And i'll have to pass on the $100 offer, but thanx
How are the rear quarter panels? Has there ever been body work done to it? It all depends on the condition, but any where from 1500 to 2500 I'd guess.
Theres a little bit of rust on the rear quarters... Only $1500-$2500? Shiot
No, it has 250K on the body, only a few thousand K on the engine and all the new parts
Just over 25,000 to be exact
you have any pics?, is it gonna be certified/e-tested, and how much would you like to get out of it?
I will have pics shortly, and the guy who offered a dollar is gay, and it will be cert and e-tested in all likely hood, and i'd like to get 3500-4000
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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