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Hey everyone, this is the first, and so far only J-body site i have registered on, from what I have seen of this one and others, its prolly the only one I will need.
I do have a few newb questions though, yall have to bear with me, I am used to my rumbling gas guzzling dual 4 bbl V-8. The closest it has to hi-tech is the electronic ignition I put on it.
I bought a 1991 Z-24, 3.1 5spd. Seems like a pretty quick little car, and drives great too. So being as how it runs fine natually I want to make it go faster. Are there any stickys or direct links to places with answers to question like, What heads are best? Will they fit on the 3400, what manifolds are best, good add ons, How to tuning tips. and perhaps a step by step on how to turbo a J-body.
I am, as I said a newb when it comes to these cars, I can do the mechanics but most of my training was in electrical.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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