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High pitch squeaking noise in the front end?

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Well it's been goin on for a while, everytime I hit a hole or go over a bump I hear a high pitched squeak noise in the passenger front end, so today I replaced the struts(pain in the ars) and it still squeaks! You guys have any ideas what it could be? I'm guessing a A-arm bushing. but I'm not for sure! HELP it's driving me nutz! :evil:
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Lube all of the joints and see if that helps.

If it is a high pitched squeak, kind of like a chirp, it is most likely metal on metal. Check your ball joint.
yea its a high pitched squeak! Thanks moon i will do that! I already greased the whole front end!
I put a new balljoint in today, it still is squeaking! Any other ideas?
Shit, I don't know. I would also look at the tie rod ends. I really dont know. There isn't much stuff down there to squeak going over a bump like your car is.

I think it must be a suspension component, but if you have replaced the ball joint, struts, and greased all of the joints. I really dont know where to point you next. Maybe the CV joint?

Take a look at your sway bar bushings they could be all rotten and could be the control arm bushing too like you mentioned
I just installed sway bar end links so those are in good shape, I'm guessing your probably right, it has to be either the sway bar bushings, or the control arm bushings :guns: Does anybody know if those are hard to replace, and what kind of bushings I should use?
I just changed mine a couple of months ago when I did my ball joints and I put in Energy Suspension busings, which are a hell of a lot stiffer than stock. The sway bar busings are easy, but the Control Arm bushings are a bit more work since gettting to the bolts inside the suspension support can be a pain (I just took the whole suspension support off)

Also the bushings are supposed to be pressed out, although myself and a few others on here have used propane torches to burn them out...a little messy but effective and fun :p
Overall not very hard, if you do a search you'll find a few threads on doing them
Try nailing all your rubber bushings with silicone lubricant. If that stops the squeak then it's your bushings. I had the same problem after I removed my driver side suspension support. The swaybar bushing was really dry and I torqued the housing down. It went away by itself, though.
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