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how do you get clear headlamps

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i'm not just talkin about the bulbs...i already have those. i've dropped like 80 bucks into different "hyperwhight" bulbs. but my headlights still look like the original dull lights so it has to be my headlamps. any suggestions on how to make them clear....or clean them up or somethin?? thanks.
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You could try buffin' 'em...
actually some one was selling head lamps on e-bay trying to say they were projectors for our car even though there no so dont get excited...i believe they were like 180$ or so
I think everyones favorite homie ruffryder had this done...he took the lens off the lights and used some clear plexiglass to enclose it.

i think it looks ugly personally.......kinda like modding a grand am bumpet onto a cav.
i bought new ones through eagle eyes. i was very impressed w/ them


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